Program Benefits

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Program Benefits

Reduce the Principal

Debt Defenders negotiates with lenders on your behalf to reduce the principal amount you owe to save you thousands of dollars.

Become Debt-Free Faster

The vast majority of our clients are debt-free in 24–48 months. We also have programs shorter than 24 months and up to 60 months.

Reduce Your Monthly Payments

Our plans are created to fit people’s budgets, allowing many of our clients to pay significantly less every month while becoming debt-free sooner.

What You Can Expect From Our Program

Debt Defenders’ debt settlement program has helped countless people settle their debts for less than what they owed. Many clients settle for 50 percent or less, allowing them to get out from under debt quickly and easily. Learn the program benefits to see why so many people choose Debt Defenders’ debt relief program.

Proven Negotiation Strategies

Debt Defenders’ negotiating team uses proven strategies and methods that work. The team has negotiated agreements with creditors for years, and that experience is invaluable if you want to settle your debt for less.

Access to Financial Expertise

Debt Defenders is staffed with financial experts who will help you reach your goals beyond settling your debt. You will learn smart financial strategies to use after you get out of debt.

Easy Payments to Settle Debt

Debt Defenders will work with you to determine how much you can set aside each month to settle your debt. The money will go into a dedicated account that you control, making it easy to save the money necessary to free yourself from debt.

Fully Customized Program

When you sign up for debt relief, you will benefit from a fully customized program. A debt relief expert will design the program to work specifically for your needs.

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